• Extremely hygienic, easy to clean, the HPL laminate is resistant to the development of virus and bacteria.
  • Good behaviour to fire, smoke and noxious gases.
  • High resistance to water and steam.
  • High resistance to chemical products and organic solvents.
  • Sound proof levels from 32 dB to 42dB.
  • These acoustic doors are made according to the client requirements and the needs of the project.
  • We have a wide range of Firewall Doors with resistances ranging from 30 to 120 minutes and different formats.
  • An inner lead sheet prevents the possible leakage of rays outside the radiology room.
  • Options of leaded glass.
  • The entire door assembly is designed to ensure hygiene.
  • Maximum security.
  • Customizable in measurements, finishes and colours.
  • Wide range of accessories.

Careliwood has a wide range of colours in stock. We also adapt to the colours and finishes requested by our customers in each project.