Phenolic lockers

CareliWood has phenolic lockers, for their manufacture we exclusively use PHENOLIC COMPACT HPL in all parts of the lockers. We use a 12mm phenolic compact for the doors, 8mm for the body and 3mm for the ventilated rear, this allows us to have lockers with greater rigidity and consistency.

Their water repellent, flame retardant and antibacterial properties make them specially designed for wet areas such as swimming pools, saunas and locker rooms, but they are also perfect for areas where hygiene and cleanliness play a vital role such as laboratories, cleaning rooms or hospitals since thanks to its non-porous surface and to the assembly system used, we obtain a great ease of cleaning since the dust or the dirt does not reach it.

These lockers have a system for assembling the boards by means of plastic caps, which allows us to have racks with great ease of assembly.

We have a wide range of lockers in stock and we adapt to our clients’ projects.

HPL lockers for changing rooms

In many types of establishments, lockers are essential for serving internal and external customers. These are elements that are used continuously and that is why it is important that they have a very high quality. One of the main places where lockers are used as cupboards is in workplaces where employees can safely store their personal items during the working day.

Careliwood phenolic HPL lockers : adequately meet the needs of changing rooms where workers begin and end their hours. They are needed especially in jobs where a uniform is used and a change of clothes must be made to start the day. They serve as the main element to ensure the comfort of employees in one of the most important spaces such as the locker room.

The great durability and quality of the phenolic materials with which Careliwood works make them perfect for making lockers. Its flame-retardant and anti-bacterial properties ensure the perfect conditions required in the workplace. They will always be perfect for receiving employees at the start of the day and they can store their clothes and personal effects safely.

In addition to these advantages, the phenolic material is water repellent so it has a very good response to humidity, offering great resistance to the deterioration it causes. This makes them perfect for work lockers where there are showers or toilets as well. He manages to provide impeccable service for a long time

To obtain the lockers for a working locker room, it is necessary to be able to adapt to the space. With phenolic materials this goal is achieved, as they offer great diversification when manufacturing lockers. Projects adapted to the needs of each company or establishment can be carried out, reaching the highest levels of comfort and efficiency.

In this way we find the Careliwood modular lockers that allow to distribute the space in a simple way and to maximize the resources. Plus, they can be used as distributive elements of space creating the flowneeded to get the most out of a room. For work lockers,modular phenolic lockers are very effective, as they achieve an authentic transformation of any room.

Modular lockers

Phenolic lockers have a lot of durability and strength

It is also possible to have modular double lockers which are very useful to take advantage of any space where there is storage needs. A perfect design solution for any business or establishment where they can be used by both staff and customers who need to store their belongings as luggage storage.

The installation of phenolic lockers in work lockers is very simple and does not require major interventions. In fact, almost any space can be activated as a changing room thanks to this type of modular lockers. You can bring great comfort to your employees with high quality products. Its maintenance is also very simple, keeping it in perfect condition for a long time.

In addition, its function as a cabinet or storage is more than guaranteed thanks to its stainless steel fittings. In this way, the quality of this material is combined with phenolic panels. The set are perfect lockers for any workplace and will meet the needs of our employees.

At Careliwood you can develop the project in a personalized way according to your needs, with which you can get the lockers for the changing rooms that your business needs. Moreover, you can also choose different finishes to get the image you are looking for. Phenolic lockers are a safe bet to give your workers the service they deserve.

Discover the advantages of phenolic materials for your work center lockers and for other items such as sanitary cubicles, phenolic benches, HPL worktops and a long etc. With Careliwood, you can develop complete projects by taking advantage of the properties of these materials. You can get a locker room with cabinets for your employees easily and efficiently.

Phenolic lockers are the best for work locker rooms and thanks to Careliwoodyou can get the best on the market.

HPL phenolic lockers

Careliwood has a hugerange of colors in stock.
In turn, we adapt to the colors and finishes requested by our customers in each project.