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Formica® laminate (HPL) consists of layers of impregnated paper which are compressed with heat to form a durable, hygienic and high-performance surface. The Formica® Colors, Patterns and Woods collections are decorative high-pressure laminates that are available in both postform and standard (HGP) grades. Flame-retardant HPL (VFP) laminate is also available upon request. (VFP, Laminate postforming, flame-retardant, vertical). All these classifications comply with EN 438:2055.

Formica Group is a leading manufacturer of Formica® high-pressure laminate. Its innovative products are available in a wide selection of colours, designs and textures, while some of them even incorporate real metal laminates.

HPL is resilient, hygienic and agglomerate-inlaid, offering unlimited application and design opportunities for a wide variety of environments.

It can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and heated to postform it, making it the ideal solution for furniture, pillar cladding, wall panelling, worktops and doors, among other applications.

For further information and to see the full range of Formica® laminates: https://www.formica.com/es-es/trade-products 

Logo Abet Laminati

PRINT HPL is a high-pressure decorative laminate, i.e. a panel formed by layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins, subjected to a high-pressure process consisting of applying both heat and pressure simultaneously. This determines the fluidisation and at the same time the polycondensation of the resins, resulting in a homogeneous and non-porous material with the desired surface finish.

The HPL laminate is supplied in the form of panels, available in different sizes, thicknesses and surface finishes. The nominal thickness ranges from 0.6 to 30 mm.
Basically, 60% of the HPL laminate is paper, while the remaining 40% is composed of thermosetting resins (phenolic resin for the inner layers and melamine resin for the surface layers). Some HPL laminates include metal layers interspersed with the middle of the panel, while some types include metal sheets or plywood as a decorative surface.

The PRINT HPL laminate is also available in a version with slow flame propagation (known as “F1”) which thanks to its special halogen-free composition guarantees even better fire reaction results than the standard version.

For further information and to see the full range of Abet Laminati laminates http://abetlaminati.com/en/collezioni/hpl-collection/ 

Logo Lamitech

Lamitech manufactures high-pressure decorative laminates by subjecting kraft and decorative papers impregnated with thermostable resins to very high pressures and temperatures.
The result is the lamination with the best mechanical resistance in the market for the coating of any surface or furniture.

Its postformability allows for the creation of curved and elliptical edges, which opens up countless possibilities for kitchen, bathroom and office furniture, as well as other commercial and institutional applications. 

For further information and to see the full range of Lamitech laminates http://www.lamitech.com.co/site/index.php/es/  

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High-pressure laminate (HPL), compact laminate and melamine panels form the basis of its product ranges, combining high quality with perfect aesthetics. By bringing together design creativity and cutting-edge surface textures, and also offering a wide selection of sizes technical specifications and certifications, Polyrey provides adapted solutions designed to accompany any interior design or outfitting project, large or small. Polyrey also now manufactures decorative boards for exterior cladding.


Logo Puricelli

For more than sixty years now, the Puricelli group has been producing cutting-edge and stylish decorative laminates ideal for finishes of surfaces.

Puricelli also now manufactures decorative boards for exterior cladding.

For further information and to see the full range of Puricelli laminates http://www.lamitech.com.co/site/index.php/es/